• Specialty bolting : custom made​
  • Studs : double-ends, tap-ends, combination, single end, all thread, collars & specials​
  • Headed parts : square bolts, hex bolts, heavy head bolts, 12 point bolts, socket cap screws, set crews, riser bolts, bonnet bolts & specialty bolts.​
  • Nuts : heavy hex nut, finished hex nut, jam coupling nut, slotted nut, square nut, cap nut tee nut, wing nut, castle nut, spherical faced nut, specialty nut​
  • Washers : flat washer, hardened washer, SAE flat washer, split lock washer, spherical washer, conical spring washer (Belleville washer), ball-lock washer, nord-lock washer.​
  • Bent bolt : eye bolt, anchor bolt, u bolt, round end bolt, J bolt.​
  • Intelligent bolts : SPC4 TM load indicating fastener​
  • Thread lube : lunbricant & anti seize​
  • Headerkamm™ sealing plugs: for air cooled heat exchanger applications​

Lamons is one of the largest gasket and bolt suppliers in the world, committed to quality and local service. We have 6 manufacturing and 21 sales and services branches positioned all around the world combined with many licensees and distributors. We are strategically located to provide customers with the widest selection of gasket materials and fastener stock ready for immediate delivery. Lamons’ various locations feature leading technology and state of the art manufacturing facilities capable of producing engineered products to custom specifications serving the refining, chemical, power generation, offshore, subsea, petrochemical (upstream and downstream), and pulp and paper industries, among others.

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