Management systems

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Statement
Qualitymanagement ISO 9001

The high quality and safety standards of our products and services are fundamental to our success. To this end, we have established a comprehensive quality management system which is periodically recertified to the international ISO 9001 standard.

In addition, all products are subject to strict internal quality control. Besides the prescribed final testing before leaving our partner manufacturers, two per cent of all products and at least one item per order item are subjected to comprehensive testing on arrival at our company.

These receiving tests normally include visual inspections, dimension inspections, pressure testing, and, if appropriate, materials tests and harness tests.

ISO 9001 certificate
To become ISO certified, a company or organization must submit documents that report its internal processes, procedures and standards. These documents (or Quality Management System) determines that a company is able to provide quality products and services consistently.
VCA** gecertified
De VGM Checklist Aannemers (VCA) is een norm voor de evaluatie en certificatie van veiligheids- en arbozorgsystemen. De VCA is feitelijk een bundeling van alle kennis en ervaring van de Nederlandse industrie op het gebied van veilig en gezond werken. Met een VCA-certificaat laat u zien dat uw bedrijf veilig en gezond werken belangrijk vindt en dat u een deskundige en betrouwbare opdrachtnemer bent. VCA is bedoeld voor bedrijven die risicovolle werkzaamheden uitvoeren of in een risicovolle omgeving werken. Denk aan constructie- of onderhoudswerkzaamheden op bouwterreinen, in fabrieken en werkplaatsen en bij installaties.

What is VCA?

SCC is an abbreviation of Safety Checklist Contractors (Originated from VCA Veiligheid Checklist Aannemers – Dutch) and is a proven program in which various sectors of Dutch/Belgium industry have combined their knowledge and experience in the field of Healthy, Safety and Environmental responsible labor.

Originally intended to allow organizations to operate with greater safety awareness and reduce the number of accidents, SCC is gradually regarded as a mandatory requirement for companies, especially for businesses conducting its activities on their clients’ premises.

By obtaining the certified SCC program we prove that we are working safely, healthy and environment friendly at our and our clients premises. It underlines for our clients that we are a trustworthy and experienced contractor, able to perform work on a healthy, safe and environmental friendly manner at their “high-risk” locations.