Triple eccentric butterfly valve or triple offset butterfly valve (TOV)​

This type of butterfly valve has 3 offsets. Same as the double eccentric this is the stem which is out of the valve body center and the stem being out of line with the sealing area in the body. The 3rd is the sealing area which is flat or horizontal on 1 side and is under an angle on the opposite side if you look at the 2 dimensional picture.​

The seat is metal and in the body part of the valve, the sealing material is on the disc and is a laminated disc, held in place by a retainer.​

The 3rd offset was discussed above in 2 dimensions but as the reality is 3 dimensions it means the angle of the seat area is different on the circumference. The laminated sealing material is being forced into shape to adjust to the seat angle.​

  • The metal and graphite sealing ring can handle 427°C​
  • Typical pressure ratings are #150, 300 & 600​
  • Usually available from 2 ½ – 3” till very big.​
  • Available in wafer, lug, double flanged short and long pattern (long exactly replaces a gate valve)

Our brands: Newco, WKM



The Newco brand started around 1936 with a focus on commodity gate valves and welheads, in 1976 the name Newmans Valve was introduced,  after a merger in 1997 the OIC brand was added to the group. In 2010 Cameron added the Newco brand to it’s extensive portfolio.

Newco Cast bolted bonnet & pressure sealed bonnet gate, globe & check valves.

Cast Steel bolted bonnet

Size: 2`` - 60``
Rating: #150-2500
Design: API 600
Connection: RF, RTJ, BW
Materials: CS,LTCD, Alloy
Globe Straight/T
Size: 2`` - 12``
Rating: #150-2500
Design: API 623
Size: 2`` - 36``
Rating: #150-600
Check Swing
Size: 2`` - 18``
Rating: #150-2500
Design: API 594
Size: 2`` - 24``
Rating: #150-1500
Tilting Disc
Size: 2`` - 12``
Rating: #150-300
Angle stop
Rating: #150-600

Cast Stainless Steel bolted bonnet

Size: 1/4`` - 24``
Rating: #150-1500
Design: B16.34, API 603
Connection: RF, RTJ, BW
Materials: 304, 316, 317, 321, 347(H), Alloy 20
Size: 1/4`` - 12``
Rating: #150-1500
Swing check
Size: 1/4`` - 14``
Rating: #150-1500

Pressure sealed bonnet

Size: 2`` - 24``
Rating: #600-2500
Design: B16.34
Connection: BW
Materials: All
Globe (T)
Size: 2`` - 24``
Rating: #600-2500
Design: B16.34
Connection: RF, RTJ, BW
Materials: All
Y Globe
Size: 2`` - 24``
Rating: #600-2500
Design: B16.34
Connection: RF, RTJ, BW
Materials: All
Tilting disc
Size: 2`` - 14``
Rating: #600-2500
Design: B16.34
Connection: RF, RTJ, BW
Materials: All

WKM has been one of Cameron’s strongest brands since its Flow Control Division acquired it in 1987. The name is trusted among engineers in the industry field because of its stellar track record that has remained constant for more than a century. Their line of ball, butterfly and gate valves have repeatedly delivered positive results in many oil and gas and process controls applications, no matter where they are installed. One of the things that make WKM great is that even though their line is in no ways the cheapest, over the course of time their easy to repair design and replaceable parts make their operating costs lower than many other traditional valves that are less expensive at the initial time of purchase.

Triple-offset valve (TOV)

Field replaceable metal seat​
Fire safe API 607 ​
Fugitive emission API 641 & ISO 15848-1​
Size                    : 3 – 60”​
Rating                 : #150 – 600​
Material              : CS & SS, other on request​
Pattern               : Lug, Short & Long (ISO 5752/API 609)​
End connection : RF, (BW on request)​

Available with short delivery time​

High performance double offset Dynacentric butterfly valve

Size : 2 ½” – 36”​
Rating : #150 – 600​
End connection : wafer, lug​
Body material : WCC, LCC, CF8M​
Temp range : -46 / 538°C​

M-HT API 6A gate valve with Pow-R-seal double expanding gate

Size : 2 1/16 – 4 1/16​
Rating : 2000 – 5000 psi​
Material : ?​
End connection : RF, RTJ, THR​

Saf-T-seal through conduit slab gate valve

Pressure activated seat sealing​
Inline replaceable seats​
Primary soft sealing, secondary metal sealing​

Series : M, C6, C2B, C2C, C6B​
Size : 2” – 36”​
Rating : #150 – #1500​
End connection : RF, RTJ, BW​
Body material : WCC, LCC​

Saf-T-Gard actuators

MA 12, MA 16, MA 20 series single diaphragm actuators for 2”- 6” valves​
MA1212, MA2012, MA2016, MA2020 series double or tandem diaphragm actuators for 2”- 8” valves​
MP 13 series piston actuator for 2”- 4” valves​

Of course other pneumatic, electric or gas / fluid operated actuators can be mounted as well.​

Pow-R-Seal through conduit double expanding gate valve

Mechanical activated seat sealing​
Inline replaceable seats​
Metal sealing​
Thermal body cavity relief​

Series : M, E1C​
Size : 2” – 24”​
Raing : #300 – 900​
End connection : RF, RTJ, BW​
Body material : WCC, WC6, LCC​

Both the slab and expanding gate valve have the unique SLS (single spring loaded) lip seal stem seal system that allows emergency injectable plastic packing.​

Floating ball valves (C50, 210A, 210L, 310C5, 310F)

Series: 210, 310​
Construction: 2 pc. 2 & 3 pc.​
Size: 1-4” ¼-4”​
Rating: 750 – 2000 psi 3000, 5000 psi​
Connection: THR, grooved THR, SW, RF​
Bore: RB, FB RB, FB​
Body material: DI CS, SS​
Fire safe: API 607 API 607

320F flanged 2-piece floating ball valve

The WKM 320 Series API 608 floating ball valve features a patent-pending seat that enables internal cavity relief while maintaining bidirectional sealing capability.​
In every trim, WKM 320 Series valves include NACE compliance, fugitive-emissions capabilities, and fire-test certification to API Spec 607 7th Ed.​

Size ½”- 8”​
Rating #150 – 600​
Bore RB, FB​
Body material WCC, LCC, CF8M, WCC + ZPEX coating​
Seat material Delrin, PTFE, PEEK​
End connection RF, RTJ​

370 Dynaseal trunnion mounted ball valves

Series: 370D4, 370D5, 370D6​
Design: 2pc API6D, 3pc API6D, 2 pc API608, 6D​
Size: 2-16, 18,20,24, 2-16​
Rating: 150, 150-600, 150-2500​
Bore: RB-FB, FB, RB-FB ​
Connection: RF, RTJ RF, RTJ RF, RTJ​
Body mat: WCC, LCC, CF8M, A105, WCC, LCC, CF8M​
Fire safe: API 607. 6FA, API 6FA, API 607​

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