Actuator options & special executions

Usually end users have a preference for a certain brand of actuators, we work together with all major manufacturers and can offer any desired brand.​

  • Interlocking​
  • Lock out tag out​
  • High speed closing (0,2 seconds)​
  • Corrosive atmospheres​
  • High cycles (from 100.000 over 1.000.000)​
  • Mechanical partial stroke between actuator and valve or as an addition to the valve.​
  • Partial stroke integrated in the actuator.
  • Manual overrides​
  • Subsea

Since 1974, DYNATORQUE®  has been one of America’s leading manufacturers of gear​ operators, automated valve manual overrides, accessories and handwheels serving the​ valve, actuator and damper industries.​

Worm gear operator DT

  • to be used with quarter turn valves (ball, butterfly, plug)​
    -500 – 33900 Nm​
  • optional: chainwheel, 180 or 360 degree operation, CF8M body (instead of CI) and/or SS internals​
  • industrial, marine, submerged, high- and low temperature applications.

Bevel gear operator BG

  • to be used with multiturn valves (API 600 gate, API 6D gate, knife gate, sluice gate or globe valve)​
  • thrust 98000 to 667000 N, torque up to 4745 Nm​
  • optional: bronze stem nut, lug driver for existing yoke nut, motor mount for electric actuator​

Valve locking device D-lock

  • to be used in combination with automated valves (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators) for almost any rotating valve.
  • lock in open or closed position (optional open and closed)

Actuator-to-valve direct interface

  • All Dynatorque accessories can be mounted directly between te valve and actuator (no brackets required), The driver (connection between valve & actuator) are machined to custom fit.​

Manual override SD and SRD

  • to be used in combination with automated valves (electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators) ​
  • SD: spring return or double acting, 340 – 15815 Nm​
  • SRD: spring return only, 340 – 29375 Nm, optional chainwheel

Partial stoke test device D-stop (completely mechanical)

  • up to 451939 Nm​
  • travel user specified prior to manufacturing​
  • local or remote operated​
  • optional: limit switches to indicate on- or off-test​
  • outside the actuator control loop​
  • Low initial cost​
  • Low cost of ownership​
  • no maintenance required​
  • all components, controls & other elements activated during test
  • vibration resistant​
  • SIL capable

Spur and miter gears

  • Add on to the work gear or bevel gear to:​
    • change input drive direction​
    • lower handwheel rim force​
    • lower the handwheel size​
  • Use independently as a torque multiplier on:​
    • non rising stem gate & globe valves​
    • small electric actuators

The founder of QTRCO, Ed Holtgraver, was responsible for field service of a large valve company. He saw customers lose vast amounts of time, production hours and ultimately money from misapplied products. Products that would have worked better had greater attention to detail been applied during the design phase.​ By founding QTRCO, Ed’s intent was to design and build actuators that simply did not encounter field service issues. With a very rugged mechanical design and the elimination of normal failure modes—sliding parts, side load forces and numerous seals—the QTRCO actuators have evolved into exactly what Ed had in mind those many years ago.

Used and/or approved by GE, Shell, Akzo, Baker Hughes, Basf, Bayer, DuPont, Exxon, UOP, Invista, LyondellBasel, PPG, Total.

  • If your regular pneumatic actuator doesn’t last because of extreme conditions QTRCO has the solution and they back this by a 3-year warranty which is independent of the number of cycles.​​
  • If you need a closing time as low as 0,1 seconds​
  • If you need high reliability & maximum availability​
  • If your actuator is exposed extreme environmental conditions (corrosive,
  • high- or low temperatures)​
  • If you require superior control capability (low hysteresis and dead band)​
  • If you require a unique solution for partial stroke, manual override & integrated lockout)​

Industries served: food & beverage, (petro)chemical, power, oil & gas, pulp & paper, nuclear and more.​

Available material (combinations): ​ Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, ​Stainless Steel, Amalga composite.​

Reliability by design:

  • Zero side loading on the shaft bushings​
  • Pressure balanced shaft eliminates thrust force​
  • Massive shaft bushings​
  • Zero cantilever forces​

Quarter run

  • Q series Rack & gear® SA: 847 Nm, DA: 2.374 Nm​
  • T series Rack & gear® SA: 847 Nm, DA: 2.374 Nm​
  • F series Flat Yoke ® SA/DA: 56.500 Nm​
  • Linear​
  • L series 200.170 N​

    Temperature -60°C to 204 °C​

    One quarter turn actuator that is fail close and fail open just by turning it upside down​

Suitable for (environmental) extremes:

  • the basis: robust design & premium materials​
  • high and low temperature construction options​
  • high speed stroking capabilities​
  • standard design suitable for high cycle applications​
  • complete SS construction available​

    Customers have reported over 15.000.000 cycles without failure. ​

Maximum availability with low cost of ownership

  • If necessary, seal replacement can be done while the actuator is on the valve
  • Dual travel stops eliminate the need to recalibrate the switches or positioner.
  • Spring return actuator cylinders can be turned while the actuator is on the valve, a new sealing surface is provided with the “inherent” on board spare part.​
  • Non-proprietary actuator seals are readily available. This is the only seal in the actuator.​
  • Captured springs located inward of the pistons allow fast and easy maintenance.​

Temperature capabilities

  • Ultra low -60 / 85°C​
  • Low -50 / 85°C​
  • Standard -29 / 85°C​
  • High -29 / 200°C​
  • Limits may be extended with proper insulation​

Superior control capability

  • Take away the lag and drag so you know when the actuator and valve start and stop:​
  • minimal friction by design, less hysteresis & variability ​
  • tighter tolerances to reduce backlash & hysteresis​
  • elimination of side loading force​
  • tighter tolerances for valve to actuator connection to reduce dead band.​

Actuator design that resolves every issue with currently available partial stroke testing solutions.​

Scotch yoke design Effect Flat yoke® solution
Long & heavy spring on one end, small and light piston on the other Imbalanced weight with SR, stress on the valve “neck” and piping & possible mounting & space issues. Balanced weight design: less space & weight, no stress on the valve and piping.
Single yoke arm design Imbalanced internal forces: wear & torque reducing friction Balanced force design: zero side loading
Piston pressurized on body side Piston rod seals required Design without rod seals
Proprietary rod seals Expensive, not readily available Design without rod seals
Piston rod seals wear Complete actuator disassembly when replacement is required Design without rod seals
Piston rod self supporting or support structure in body Side loading on piston rod Design where side loading is absorbed in body, non applied to the rod.
Fail action reversal requires parts to be placed at opposite side Actuator needs to be disassembled by trained personnel in the workshop Design where actuator only needs to be turned upside down
Travel stops are on yoke arm Piston and spring forces continuously to act with maximum values on yoke arm. The inward and outward piston motion is stopped directly by using aligned travel stops
Rack & pinion design Effect Rack & Gear® solution
Piston axis align to cylinder bore Exhibit high friction % wear from internal cantilever-initiated forces Offset cylinders so that piston axis align with gear PCD. No damaging forces
Outward forces push rack against the cylinder wall Creating friction & motion resistance as rack slides against the cylinder Eliminate contact between rack & cylinder. No contact no friction.
Shaft seals are pressurized every cycle Seals will wear, complete disassembly required to replace Move springs inward of cylinders. Pressurize SR actuators between piston & end cap. Non pressurized seals don’t leak.
Bottom end of shaft bigger than upper: ​
shaft pushed down
Additional friction & wear Balanced shaft: no up or down forces
Shaft & mounting geometry are different on top and bottom side of the actuator Disassembly required to reverse actuator action Top & bottom are identical. Just turn the actuator to change fail action. No disassembly required.
Complete disassembly required for maintenance Removal from valve required Standard possible to replace piston (only) seals with actuator on the valve.
Cylinders are an integral part of the actuator body If cylinders are damaged the complete actuator needs to be replaced Cylinders are a separate component to enable replacement. With SR actuators cylinders can be turned in the field (inherent spare part)
Not all springs are captured Safety can be an issue during service All springs are captured. Safety is improved.
Sometimes the travel stop only contacts 1 piston or a single cam is used.​ Travel stops create side loading, friction & shaft wear Both pistons are stopped simultaneously: zero side loading

Since our humble beginnings, covering nearly two decades, we looked around and could not find a suitable Mechanical Trapped Key Safety Interlock that met our safety expectations so we decided to design and manufacture our very own; the ‘Patent Pending’ ENEX i-LOCK product range. The ENEX Group name; standing for “engineering excellence” is at the forefront of Innovation, Quality, Performance, Reliability and most importantly SAFETY! in the Mechanical Safety Interlock and Process Safety System Industry.

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