Demco rubber lined valve

Series NF-C
Sizes 14 to 36 in [350 to 900 mm] are available in both wafer and lug styles.
The wafer body has two drilled locator lugs at the top and bottom for ASME Class 150 flanges. Bronze bearings are installed on both stems for reduced operating torque.

Butterfly-style DEMCO valves for marine applications are available in the NE-C lug, NE-I lug and wafer, NE-D wafer, and NF-C lug styles and conform to

  • Title 46 of the Code of Federal Regulations
  • Part 56 of the US Coast Guard’s Marine Engineering Regulations
  • US Coast Guard Category (A) Acceptance on API Spec 607 qualified valves
  • American Bureau of Shipping Standard, including tagging per MSS SP-25 and testing per MSS SP-67.

Types of Demco rubber lined valves:

  • Demco NE-C rubber lined valve
  • Demco NE-D rubber lined valve
  • Demco NE-FC rubber lined valve
  • Demco NE-I rubber lined valve



Demco, part of the Cameron valve division was established in 1947. Demco is manufacturer of one of the most durable of all resilient-seated butterfly valves in the industry and the premier designed Gate Valve in the oil and gas drilling market, specifically engineered for the rigorous requirements of oilfield applications.

Butterfly valves, concentric resilient seated

  • Model : NE-CNE-INE-D & NF-C
  • Size range : 2 – 36”​
  • Rating : #150 (suits #125 & #150 flanges)​
  • Style : wafer & lug​
  • Neck : long & short

Gate valves for drilling applications

  • Model : DB, DM & DT ​
  • Size range : 2 – 8”​
  • Rating : # 600, 900, 1500 and 5000 & 7500 psi​
  • End connection : flanged, weld ends & hammer union​

BT1 Standard features

As one of the most durable resilient-seated butterfly valves in the industry, the Cameron butterfly-style DEMCO valve excels in a variety of applications.
Cast in both wafer and tapped lug patterns in a variety of material choices, butterfly-style DEMCO valves feature a one-piece body for reduced weight and increased strength.
The unique stem hole design in the disc ensures a dry stem journal. The hard-backed seat enables ease of installation, reliable operation, and infield repairability without special tools. Butterfly-style DEMCO valves are available in sizes 2 to 36 in [50 to 900 mm].
Engineered for long-term, reduced-maintenance performance, butterflystyle DEMCO valves are commonly selected for a variety of applications in the following industries:

  • chemical and petrochemical
  • agriculture
  • oil and gas drilling and production
  • food and beverage
  • water and wastewater
  • cooling towers (HVAC)
  • power
  • mining and materials
  • dry bulk handling
  • marine and government.

Bidirectional sealing

The butterfly-style DEMCO valve provides bidirectional sealing at full-rated pressure with identical flow from either direction.

Integral flange seal

An integral flange seal molded into the edge of the seat accommodates ASME weld neck, slip-on, threaded, socket, and stub-end type C flanges.

ASME Class 150 rating

With a body rating of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Class 150 (285-psi nonshock), the wafer body diameters are designed to self-center in the ASME Class 150 flange pattern.

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